Hello When we bought our house there was also a

02/21/2023 - 11:03

Hello  When we bought our house there was also a large outbuilding full of the old owner’s things.  We knew this outbuilding was full when we bought the house, we thought it was interesting and there might be things we would like but it turns out there’s a lot more rubbish than there is treasure (I know – no surprises there)!

I would happily clean this out myself if I could put it all in one (several) skip but I know I can’t mix different types of rubbish here in Italy and there's too much to take to the local Ecocentro so I’m going to have to try and find a local company that does this type of house clearance.

I did know the name of this type of service but I can’t remember it now but is there anything I should know in advance or be especially aware of?  Has anyone used this sort of service before?

Thank you



usually just contact the municipality where the house is located for bulky material, or ask people who deal with emptying rooms / garages etc. in Italian SVUOTA CANTINE o RIGATTIERE

Thank you.  I didn't think about contacting the Comune about bulky furniture, that might be useful for the future.


** seems I can't add a photo so I've changed my profile picture to show the rubbish in the room **


This is actually some of the rubbish, quite rotten, and there's all sorts in there.

So I'll have a look for a svuota cantine person and see if this can be cleared.

On the good side of getting things done I've started to organise for the Comune to take away a collection of asbestos material found in the garden so bit by bit we're getting there.