Hello,I'm in the process of buyong a

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06/29/2018 - 08:27

I'm in the process of buying a very inexpensive little apartment in Umbria. The fees and taxes I am paying are almost as much as the cost of the flat! The notaio has said that it would be best if I send all of the monies including the agency fees ro him in one transaction. Does this sound ok?



That sounds reasonable . I know we had to scramble  just days before our Rogito because things weren't too organized . I was able to send a wire transfer from my bank , which informed me it could take a few days. I seem to remember the notaio also charged a fee to distribute individual checks . Good luck ! 

Why would you send the agency fees to the notary?   Im not sure that's even possible.  You are buying an inexpensive flat - your taxes will be 9% of the rateable value of the apartment, your notaios fees are fixed by law and your agent a percentage of the sale price.    Its true that the cheaper the property the greater the percentage of costs, but even if you are paying 10.000 euros, all the costs should be no more than 5000.   

Well you were spot on with the sale price, €10,000 and I offered €9500 which they accepted. But as far as closing costs - they are almost 50% more! The cadastral value of the apartment is €33,000 so the taxes are €3250 inc. Iva, €1100 for the notaio and €3660 for the agency inc iva. I chose the notaio and the agent is working very closely with him and so apparently the notaio will then divvy up the monies and disperse them accordingly. The agent gave me this information. They also asked me if they could get a geometra to do a perizia giurate to lower the value of the flat so the taxes will be lower. As I am doing this from Australia, it is the agent and notaio doing all this

Yes it does seem high for the price I am paying for the place but they don't calculate it on such a low sale price but on a mimimum. Also they have really earned it with the kerfuffle I have had being an Australian citizen non resident and being here in Australia and not in Italy. The only thing that is freaking me out is the fact that the bottom is falling out of the Australian dollar raising the costs

Probably a bit late in your case, but we found the exchange rate to be a challenge and resorted to a forward contract with an FX company. Not quite as good a rate when we took it, but it was not a lot of difference, reduced the stress and in fact turned out to be a great rate as at the time of the final contract the rate was very poor.

Josieverona,then the price of the apatment is 9500 euro + 8000 euro - for fees/tax/notary ..in my humble opinion, this is a scam -- how many sqm are the apartment ,  where in Perugia are placed , and in what livig condition is ?

My minimumi s 1500 euros, which is valid to a purchase price of 50.000 euros, so I think the agent is taking the mick.    I have never known a notary take money to pay other people.  Aperizia giurata will not make any difference to the taxes unless they basically say the flat is uninhabitable.  If that is the case then any work you need to do must have permissions, a geometra on board and so on, which will raise your restoration costs enormously.   

Well I wish I was buying this flat through you! But unfortunately this house is listed with this particular agency and we have come too far to pull out amd syart looking for something else. Thank you re info on tje aperizia giurata. I certainly do not want any further interference to get this house done up so i will confront them about it. I am purchasing it for €9500 but cadastral value is €33000, but IMU is only €242. per annum

the seller certainly knows that with that value cadastral, his apartment is unsaleable, finding you, he found a treasure! - Realtor ... he's a thief! The only person who has asked for an honest payment is the notary. - Gualdo Tadino, in Umbria, is like saying ... at the end of the world! , is far from the roads, the railway line is badly served, even in the best winters, the city remains blocked for snow, at least 10 days a year -Of course you must have reasons, PARTICULARS, to subject yourself, to all these harassments.At least, when you transfer all the money, to the notary's account, ask to use the notary's trust account, and make an agreement - WRITTEN AND SIGNED BY YOU AND FROM THE NOTARY - in which the principle is stated that the sums deposited will be transferred to the seller, to the real estate agent, to the tax office, and to the notary, in the quantities that you have established - ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY, to the signing of the public deed of sale.If someone refuses, retires ..., it is the least you can do for your inner peace. 

More , IMU is only 242 - before restoration - After it .. surely increase :(The only solution , for you is , ask a Residenza Elettiva , on the apartment , after purhasing -  on this manner you can have Prima Casa - and IMU , disappear :) 

Josieapart from the fact that € 33,000 per 10% (second home tax), produces € 3300 and not € 9500 - the only problem is the revision of the Cadrastal property tax and IMU -yet, if you make restoration works, your survejor, surely, submit to cadrastal and municipality archive - this value - maybe decreased! , according actual value

il valore della casa cadastrale e' Euro 33000.  Io ho offerto Euro 9500, e pago quello.  Devo pagare le tasse di Euro 3225 ( come il valore cadastrale e 33000) ma volevo chiederLa se, secondo Lei, sarebbe qualche problema nel futuro sicomme il prezzo che pago e' molto diverso al valore cadastrale.  Grazie mille.

non vedo il problema - la legge italiana impone l'uso del valore catastale per il calcolo della tassa catastale sul trasferimento delle proprietà - impone anche , la dichiarazione in atto, del prezzo pagato -  quest'ultima azione , per la legge antiriciclaggio .In particolare , il notaio, dovrà accertare la provenienza del denaro , utilizzato nella compravendita - E quì , entra in causa , l'uso del conto fiduciario del notaio , che trasferisce l'onere di accertamento , alla banca che riceve il denaro ( quì appunto la banca dove è operativo, il conto fiduciario del notaio )  -

Yes, you open yourself (and the seller) up to a 'rettifica' from the tax office.  If you pay under the valore catastale, the tax office will want to know why.  Lots of photos are good at this point, and a perizia giurata tends to protect you, but the perizia must have a date precendent to ttheact of sale.

Modi , for this reason , i suggest the use of the Notary Trust bank account - and , in any case , this is really the first time , that cadrastal office , in Italy,  it would object to having received a quantity of money, more than it would be right to obtain, and that is a tax on the real selling price, which is 9500 euros, instead of 33.0000 - that is, about 71% less  angel

The real sale price is Euro 9.500 not Euro 95.000 - possibly a typographical error?  I am now confused as to whether I should get the perizia giurata.  I don't think the apartment is worth Euro 33.000 (cadastral value) but I accepted that because I am paying such a low price.  I have heard about this problem with the tax office, years later receiving a large bill because of the difference in cadastral value and actual price paid, but I brought this up with the agent and he said that it did not apply to my purchase?  He gave me an explanation but can't quite remember his reasoning. I just want to buy my place and gradually do it up over a couple of years.  We could do most of the renovations ourselves and I am worried that getting a perizia giurata will turn my place from abitabile to non abitabile which I definitely do not want, but then I also do not want to receive a large tax bill in a few years. The seller is a young person (I gleaned that from the contracts) and the real estate agent said that he wanted originally to move in to it and started some renovation works, and then he got work away from the area and so he changed his mind and decided to sell. 

errore corretto - fare una perizia giurata ,serve solo ad ingrassare il portafoglio dell'agente immobiliare e del perito di parte - Variazioni di valore catastale , veranno solo con i restauri , che dovranno essere fatti con una regolare licenza edilizia o SCIA - Non da soli , senza licenze operative . Non appena iniziate a fare qualche cosa , viene il vicino a guardare , lo dice all'amico ed in 2 giorni al massimo , a Gualdo Tadino ( che non è Roma .. ) arriva la guardia comunale che vi mette i sigilli alla casa -error corrected - make a sworn expertise, only serves to fatten the portfolio of the real estate agent and the expert of the part - Changes in cadastral value, will only come with the restoration, which must be done with a regular building license or SCIA - Not alone , without operational licenses. As soon as you start doing something, the neighbor comes to look, he tells his friend and in 2 days at most, in Gualdo Tadino (which is not Rome ..) comes the municipal guard who puts the seals on the house - 

I fail to see how a perizia giurata done by an engineer/architect/professional makes money for an agent.    I did a sale last year for someone who chose a perizia giurata as the house was worth less than the catastal value. It was advised by the notary.  As a result the buyer paid a  reduced tax on the purchase.   

Thanks Modicasa. Yes it was the notaio who suggested the perizia giurata and I have just been informed of the costs of the geometra which are quite expensive but will, in the end, save me over €1000, so its a wierd concept having to spend money to save money. Also this should cover me for any nasty surprises I might have received from the tax dept further down the line