Hi everyone, I'm considering

02/27/2019 - 13:15

Hi everyone, I'm considering purchasing a property in Mussomeli and have spent a few days here exploring the town.  I was just wondering if anyone else knows of any english speakers that live in this region?  Or if anyone has had first hand experience renovating a property specifically in Mussomeli?



This question comes up so many times, quite often I’ve thought some “old hands” think “why on earth would you want to meet up with Brits”. Sometimes I think to the extent it annoys them that people ask. Being not quite the “old hand” yet, although I can see why, I also understand this great urge when you first arrive to be able to talk things over with English speaking people. I don’t know when it happens, but with most I know, within a short time (perhaps a year or so) they avoid speaking English if they hear others doing so. Saying that we ended up with 2 other English speaking families living on the same 3km road. So neighbours, both of which are very, very good friends now and people we could not have managed without at times. But we also have great Italian friends and neighbours who we have lived and worked with on the land and whom we also could not have got by without their help. I suspect many would say, if you don’t know the language, you will learn a lot quicker where only Italian is spoken.

Hi,We are also investigating the possibility of purchasing in Mussomeli - hence the reason I signed up to this site, I was searching on Google smileyI just wanted to know how you have found the experience so far?Thanks

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I was only there a few days.  I actually found a place I loved, however, unfortunately through miscommunication the purchase didn't happen.  I'm still considering purchasing there, although I'd like to spend longer than a few days to properly explore that region.  As I'd be using at a primary base I really want to make sure I love the area.

Hey-we going to this place end of January next year and we think to buy one of the property for one euro-we have a few questions like you- and if you are brave enough please tell ifs worth it- we so afraid because it’s Italy can be everything dogge-joanna

Hi Joanna, yes I completley agree.  It's a bit of a leap of faith.  I didn't purcahase when I was there in March due to unfortunate circumstances, although now I have a bit more of a better understanding of the process if I manage to find a place again I won't be letting it slip through my fingers.  I'm planning on returning either later this year or early next to spend a proper amount of time to explore the area and meet the locals.  As well as see what other properties are available.  It's not a small undertaking so I don't want to disillusion myself as to what work is going to be needed to renovate.  Hopefully it'll all work out in the end though!

The house for 1 euro schemes are not cheap - as the objective is to attract new (foreign) money into an old town. I believe the hosues are nice and it can be a great experience in doing them up, but the people organising it need people who are keen to invest money and time into the project for it to work for everyone. There will certainly be many non - Italians involved. You need to commit a part of you to teh scheme in ordert oget something out of it. It is not a "Free Lunch".

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