Hi, got a problem with registering a my

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08/07/2019 - 05:58

Hi, got a problem with registering a my Fiat 500 classic in the UK. I bought a 500 LHD in Italy a couple years ago and imported it into the UK, it took me a couple of years to restore the car and a year ago I sent the registration document and plates back to the previous owner back in Italy, anyway my problem is that i am trying to register the car with DVLA and get a heritage related plate, but DVLA has informed me that after there investigation they have found that my 500 with that VIN number is registered in Italy as being scrapped, even though I provided DVLA with a letter of Conformity from Fiat/Chrystler, UK MOT loads of pics of the car restored close ups pics of the original VIN plate to prove that the 500 is not scrapped, its genuine and restored to factory standards and in my garage in the UK without a registration.Back to DVLA, DVLA then gave me a new VIN number and said that I will need to punch it on the 500 below the old VIN, and on a new Chasis plate, then take it for an IVA test, if it passes IVA you get either a 'Q' plate or a Heritage related plate, so I booked my 500 in for an IVA, which cost 199.00 pounds, plus cost to transport it their and back, it went for an IVA test, the inspector looked at it, scratched his head and said why on earth would DVLA ask you to do an IVA test on a 1971 Fiat 500 and expect it to passed modern regulations, it just fails on everything, the car is 40 years old, and the list of things needed for it to passed modern time criteriors, well the car would no longer be original or a classic car cost thousands to meet modern IVA standards, the poor inspector said although the car is absolutely concourse and perfectly restored to factory standards of the times he just cant conduct an IVA test on it, the inspector said the only thing he can do is to  email DVLA and confirm that the car is what it is a Classic 1971 Fiat 500, VIN number, chasis plate is all original and genuine and an IVA test was not the correct route for this classic, he also said that the test for this car would have been a VIC test but that type of test was abolished a few moons ago. I was advised to go back to DVLA and see if theres any other avenues I can take apart from IVA. I ask DVLA why they would not except my letter of Comformity, DVLA has said that the Italian government out rank the issuer of the Comformity letter and if they say the car is registered as scrapped then thats what it is, DVLA can only go by what it states on there Database.DVLA ask me to contact the Italian government/authority or their equivalent of our DVLA and explain to them that the car is not scrapped and that the car is in the UK and give them the necessary proof they need to just confirm in writting that they acknowledge the car does still exist and that it has not been scrapped and re-register the car.Can anyone advise me or point me in the right direction as to which authority I need to be speaking to about this?, has anyone been through this before?, how long does it take?, is it even possible to re-register a scrapped Italian car?HELLLLLLLP!



when an Italian car is exported, the public automobile register (PRA) is re-listed as Demolished -So put your soul in peace, put your 500 in jumper, instead of the piano -Buy yourself a Morgan Plus 8, you definitely spend less and you will still look good yes