Hi. I am the British half of a British/Italian

03/18/2021 - 11:27

Hi. I am the British half of a British/Italian couple living in Rome. We are looking to rent somewhere around Rome for a few months over the summer from June to around September/October looking at areas around Sabina, Fregene, Castelli, or more centrally, around EUR/Ardeatina/EUR/Appia Antica. We just sold our apartment and with the new lockdown it is not really possible to house hunt. I am wondering if any expats have a home here that they are not able to use or rent for this year with everything going on, and who are looking for an alternative income for a few months to either tourist lets or using it yourself. We are just one couple although we do have a little cat (who is disabled so not able to destroy furniture).





We have an apartment in La Storta which may or may not work for you.

It is on 2 ha of land in the countryside. Two bedrooms two bathrooms and is fully equiped for "self catering holidaymakers".


I can be reached on - johnbcowley@gmail.com - if you would like to plan a visit and have a look at it.


Kind regards