Hi I was born In Rome with my parents

10/03/2019 - 18:59

Hi I was born In Rome with my parents migrating to Australia when I was a baby. Unfortunatley my parents became naturalised Australians when I was 10 years of age so i have lost my Italian Citizenship. I am planning to travel to Italy in 2020 to apply to regain my citizenship. I have been to the Consulate and have been advised that I can travel to italy and then apply at the local commune. Anyone in this community can give me any advise...I am organising all my documents and paperwork so hoping there is no hold up once I am in Italy. Am assuming I will need certain documents translated (my marriage certificate to prove my maiden name) etc...any advise or contacts in Italy would be much appreciated!!!



Hi Barbara,I applied and gained my Italian citizenship a few years ago but did it all from Australia through the Italian Consulate in Sydney, it was a quite a laborious process but now my Wife through marriage (we were married just before the cut off date of April 1983) my childlren and grandchildren are all daul Italian and Australians through me, the main thing I had to prove was when my father was born that my grandparents were still Italian citizens, before they de-nounced their Italian citizenship and became Australian, I applied and received via mail from my grandparents commune for a copy of all the relevant documents. We now have dual passports and we plan on retireing 1/2 the year in euorope and 1/2 the year in Australia  

Hi William thank you for your information. Unfortunatly my parents naturalised myself (i was only 10 years old) when they became Australian citizens in 1977 - the rules mean that I need to apply for my citizenship in Italy only. Am planning to be there in 2020 to organise - have all the paperwork and information so hoping it is pretty straightforward. My only concern is how long I need to be renting in one place for the visit to actually occur from the police to confirm that I am in Italy. thank youBarbara