Hi, My wife is a dual citizen of Italy

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10/10/2018 - 07:39

Hi, My wife is a dual citizen of Italy and Canada and I am a citizen of Canada only. We want to move to Italy in late 2019. It wilI ideally be a permanent move. I have a secure job as a consultant with only one client - a US company based in Boston. I would like to continue working for this client while living in Italy. In other words, I would have no Italian or European clients and would not be doing work that an Italian could not do. My wife should have no problem moving back as an Italian citizen. The question is more about my situation. What kind of visa should I apply for while waiting for Italian citizenship?



Aschmonas housband of an italian citizens , you can ask , with no problem , a Elective residence in Italy ( that do not allow you to work in italy and pay taxes ) you has only to show of to have enoght money ( i suggest to open an italian bank account , and place here about 10.000-euro) to live in italy for one year - see , at >http://www.comunedicortona.it/il-comune/servizi-demografici-ed-elettorali-e-delegazioni/residenza/arrivare-dall-estero/click on  < ALLEGATO B > , read the PDF , at page 2  - point 5  

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Thanks for your kind reply. Yes, the challenge is that I do want to work in Italy but, as I have said, as a consultant to a US company, I will be bringing my job with me. In other words, I will not be taking a job from an Italian and I am quite happy to pay Italian tax because there is a tax treaty between Canada and Italy. BUt I do need a visa that will allow me to work.

If you need an italian visa for work , without having an italian contract of job - you has to get back into immigration quotas, armed with patience .. a lot of patience ... a lot of patience .... and in the meantime, to stay with your wife in Italy, you can take tourist visas. cumulative wages must not exceed 90 days in a year...