Hi, new here and wanted some advice. I

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02/26/2018 - 04:53

Hi, new here and wanted some advice. I am now resident here in Milano area and drove UK car over, insured and taxed in UK. It's an old Toyota Yaris (2004), needs more repairs now than it's worth but it's been a good little car esp driving around here. The MOT has expired in UK, I have notified the DVLC that I will no longer be renewing this as the car will not return to UK after insurance runs out. So, question: is it possible to scrap the car easily here or sell for parts? Anyone local interested? I also misplaced papers, just have the insurance: the DVLC said no point in requesting new documents if not renewing MOT or planning to demolish, just needed a letter to authroize this...any advice on how to move forward with this here? Grazie mille, Pamela


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