Hi there. Can anybody recommend

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10/31/2019 - 05:21

Hi there. Can anybody recommend tradesmen in Abruzzo? We've been renovating a house there for nearly 8 years now, but still have some outstanding jobs to finish as our geometra (despite gaining all of the required permissions and overseeing the work thus far) has recently left us in the lurch somewhat. We're looking for a roofer, and someone to do some external works, such as re-laying a driveway and re-rendering the outside of the house. Thanks in advance, Elena :-)



I'm guessing you already know this guy?  I only know of him from the local Abruzzo forum and his house ads, from which I would not particularly seek him out. I did have contact details for a guy called Amato (?) who works out of Penne, but does travel. But suspect they have been dumped, he is doing work for a friend right now, so I’ll ask them for details. They are a bit “iffy” on providing such, so I would not bank on it.He has not done work for us but has done several jobs for the friends at different times and I've seen how well they work - they are good.