Hi there. I am living in Terni/Arrone

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03/15/2019 - 16:00

Hi there. I am living in Terni/Arrone and have been trying unsuccessfully to view properties to buy for 3 months. Agents do not get back to me online and when I walk into agencies, they just say they do not speak English. This is unbelievable, but true. Can anyone please recommend an agent in this area who will try to help me. I have 2 buyers who are interested - at least one property  must be in the Terni area. Thanks!



Hi Gabriella,what you say is almost unbelievable. Have you checked, if by chance, your e-mail address, is registered in some blacklist, and your e-mails end up in the recipients' spam boxes? , can you explain what your customers are looking for? I understand that in the community, there are some owners who are looking for buyers.

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Thanks for your response. It IS unbelievable, but true. It is not my mail - I get the first notification after an online query that my mail had been received. And then no response. And then the response when I walk into agencies - NO, we do not speak English, literally showing me the door. I started off looking for property to rent, but due to the lack of agent interest, spoke to my family (thousands of miles away). They will buy and I will rent. However, the agents do not know this, as nobody is prepared to even try to speak to me. I just need the name of an agent in this area willing to make a plan to communicate with me. (I was an estate agent, and this is unbelievable indeed. I really worked for my commission.)

Thanks so much - I will look for them! I just saw you are a "bond advisor". I also need information about bonds. They will apply for bonds through their business. How can I reach you, or must I use a local advisor? The bond advisor will have to communicate with them directly, as they will obviously not provide their business income documents to me. 

Gabriella ,It is however probable that, few agencies, are willing to have to share their commission with you, if you do not have the documents in order to act as a real estate agent - They, in accordance with Italian law, to pay you, should make a transfer money to your current account, without even a supporting invoice. At the first check of the tax office, they, first, and you, later, will be charged with tax evasion and they will lose the licenses.

Hi Gabriella,hope you are getting on ok.I saw the post just now. You can take a quick look at my post here https://www.italymagazine.com/post/hello-everyonethis-message-ideallylet me know if I can be of any little help or even just for chatting from time to time about properties. Thank you :)

I totally get your frustration because I too came across this situation multiple times when I was in the quest to buy a place.  Forget trying to communicate via email unless you get someone to do it for you in Italian. The same with going into an agency.  Make sure you are accompanied by a friend who speaks fluent Italian.  Approach the agency with a specific property or properties that you wish to see. If they let you get past this first step, have your friend communicate the facts and that you are desperate to get a property which your relatives will be purchasing and that you will be living in. Once they understand the situation and that you (or your relatives) are serious in looking and buying a place, this might change the situation.  If they are still not interested it is probably because they are not used to dealing with foreigners and look upon the whole selling to non-Italians as too difficult a process.

I'm sorry but what is your actual situation in Italy?  Have you recently moved there? Are you by yourself? Are you a student?  How long do you wish to live in Italy? Would it not be less complicated to just rent a place for the time that you are there? When I said that you should take a friend with you to the agency I meant a personal friend, a friend that I thought you might already have.  I didn't mean that you should make friends so that you can talk business.  If you were to clarify your situation this might make it easier for someone in the forum to give you the correct advice for your situation.

I know and appreciate, Ugo. I have sent the business link to my family. Once they contact you, I will contact you, as I cannot fill in the information asked on that page - the buyers will have to complete that first. Thanks so much to everybody for all the responses.

So .. this is to prevent spammers - form ask name, surname , contacts coordinates , address , city , postal code , country - and is writted in english - if you do not have this info , about you ... angel - you surely are a spammer , collecting  a email adresses