Hican anyone recommend someone that

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07/17/2017 - 07:14

Hican anyone recommend someone that takes part loads of furniture from Umbria close to borders of Tuscany going  to UK , we do not have enough for a furniture remover, maybe a man and small van would suit us. Many thanks for any tips   



You could try this guy here (Duncan), but it looks to me like he has taking his web site down as he has too much work! From what he has said on posts on another forum he is very busy and is also not based in your area (in Abruzzo here), but you never know, he does do other areas of Europe and it may fit in with other trips to the UK...email: van2europe@gmail.comtel: 3927841285 (Italy)    07925 346046 (UK)

We used this company for a friend moving her stuff from Edinburgh to London then holding it in storage for the summer before she needed it. Different people came forward with offers and prices and the one she chose was very efficient. See http://www.freightalerts.co.uk/. Though checking their site norhing comes up for Italy... might be more complicated internatioally than it was in the UK...