Hot spring/thermal spa near Rome?

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10/13/2009 - 06:30

Does anyone know of any hot springs/thermal spas that are easy to get to via public transport in or near Rome?



There are a number around Rome with Tivoli the closest and easiest to get too. But you will find that most are closed for the winter now. We have one, Terme Cretone about 15 minutes away. It is advertised as being open 365 days a year, but I have never managed to find it open even in the summer. The answer is to call first. Mark

If you have trouble finding one open, there are some in a field just outside Viterbo, 80 km north of Rome at Bulicame.  They are free and open all the time.  Every time we go past there is a small crowd of people there.  If you were looking for something more private and luxurious there is also a spa hotel just outside Viterbo.  Below is a link to the Viterbo Tourist Information site where you can find out a little more. luck in your search.