How can I post an ad for property? Can'

01/29/2019 - 08:45

How can I post an ad for property? Can't find where to click
Thank you



HelloI tried to follow your instructions but I keep getting no results??I have sent a mail to ask for help. Hope I get a replyI want to advertise my house 

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Perhaps you need to subscribe to the magazine by creating an account. You know I don't remember exactly what the procedure is, but I know you MUST click on ADVERTISING at the bottom of the page. Then you can always send an email to ITALYmagazine support and ask them to give you the steps in writing. I had some difficulty myself when I first placed my ad.

Hi Louk,
When did you contact them? Did you use the RED button on ADVERTISING to get in touch with someone just now? They are a bit slow. They may take a day or two before they answer.
Just curious... where is the property you want to advertise?

You know, in the meantime, you could just ask a question on this forum and mention that you have a property for sale. Like: Is anybody interested in my property in such and such place?

You might get some replies and valuable contact until you can place your ad.
Just a suggestion.

I'll be going to lunch now, so I won't be at the computer for a while. If you answer me, I'll talk to you later, time permitting, since I am still at work.