How does the SSN work for Italians?

06/23/2009 - 16:07

Hi, can someone tell me how the SSN system works for Italian please? I would like to know before I go to the ASL office in Ascoli on Thursday so that I know if they are treating me differently to an Italian. I have been reading on various other forums about other EU citizens also not being able to get their libretto sanitaria for an indeterminate period and want to be fully armed with information. Thanks.



Hi PennyFirst of all how it works, I think, depends on what Comune you come under. Some seen to be more, let's say, cooperative.The system is basically 'Assisted' which means you contribute toward Medicine/Tests etc, but Surgery ,Emergency Treatment  and Doctors are free. You contribute toward X Rays and Scans but not sure how much but not more that € 100 I think. An Italian contributes through thier NI contributions either from employment or if out of work from the Goverment, or if retired they get it all free.If you have done your 5 years you Should be able to get the same treatment as a National BUT don't hold your breath. Down load the relavent EU directive (in Italian) and take that aswell.GOOD LUCK.....

If you are an Italian and retired, unfortunately you don't get everything free...  You are still liable to pay the famous 'ticket' for certain hospital visits or classes of medicine.You can be exempt either for 'a set period' or 'indefinitley' depending on your type of illness. If you are exempt you will be given a pink 'Exemption Certificate' which you must show to your GP. These are issued by ASL following a medical examination by thier doctor.  And even pensioners have to pay a 'ticket' for their prescriptions - unless exempt - of usually €2 - €4 per prescription item.Things like scans and x-rays are about €13 - €16 each.This link below gives you the tarrifs, but it is all in Italian I'm afraid. This link is for Liguria, but this is national 

Think Carole has given the definative answer, but I never received an exemption certificate , or had to undertake any special examination by another doctor , my GP automatically issues me with the free drugs for certain conditions. I did bring out a printout from my GP in England and these were transfered to the Italian equivalent. medicine. ( which actually seems to suit me better) This has been the case for other friends here in Marche. Perhaps as is the case, different rules for different areas?.A

I have no doubt that many smaller Comunes are not following the EU 'rules'  properly. I have done enough translations of SSN documents to enable people to prove to many of these 'local Jobsworths' that they are wrong.Perhaps I am lucky (depending on how you look at it...) that I went through all of this during, and following a long, serious illness at the end of a holiday in Milano (I've been here ever since)! But being fluent in the language was (I assure you) my salvation at that time. In addition, I was lucky because for the SSN questions I was dealing with I had to  go to:  ASL Milano. Distretto 5, Piazza Bande Nere 3, where they have an excellent - though small - International Office. They are, to put it bluntly, really 'on the ball' and there was none of this"Ooo you can't do that!" or "Oh but that's not valid here!" etc. etc.Yes, visits to them took time, even that office never had any concept of timekeeping - but I never once came away without what I went in for!!!  Now you can't say that about too many offices in Italy - can you? This is the Milan ASL Home page (alas not in English) but what it says here you can rest assured will be right up to date with European Guidelines I'm sure.