How much does it cost to send the declaration of

12/10/2020 - 08:13

How much does it cost to send the declaration of no TV in home to the Agenzia delle Entrate?  This might sound like a strange question but for the last 2 years an Italian friend has taken my signed declaration and posted this to the Agenzia on my behalf.

I want to pay them back for this postage but they say not to worry about the cost.  If it's 50c a time then OK but I really don't know if it is 50c a time or say €5,00 each year.  My experience at the Post Office leads me to believe my Italian is not good enough to ask how much it as at the counter so does anyone else send their non-declaration in and can tell me how much it is?  



It depends how your friend notifies the tax office.  if he sends a raccomandata it starts at 3.50 euros.  If he sends it via the Agenzia website it's free, as it is if he has a pec address etc.    I would think a small tray of cannoli would cover it! 

i send via PEC ( posta elettronica ) the form signed , as pdf file + identity document  attached - expenses ZERO ! - i use this manner  from some years , no problem -

pec address >

to have receipt document , go to Accesso servizi online >

entance with - SPID - or CNS (carta nazionale dei servizi  )

go to > La mia scrivania > Ricevute > ricerca invii effettuati




Hello  Has anything changed with notifying the Agenzia delle Entrate about the "Dichiarazione sostitutiva relativa al canone di abbonamento alla televisione per uso privato"?

My friend has told me that this notification that there is no TV system no longer needs to be done each year for non-residents however this doesn't seem right for Italian systems.

Thank you