How to receive British TV in the southern most tip of Sicily?

Stephen and Rachel Image
08/05/2013 - 15:31

We have just moved to the area of marina di modica in southern sicily and wish to know of anyone who has successfully been able to get british tv, BBC1,2 ITV3, Channel 4 specifically either by wi fi connections or satellite dish in this vacinity? 



Lots of news out there about BBC etc  changing to the new Astra 2e satellite, this may well mean that noone in Italy may be able to get " freeview" English Tv, no matter what size of dish you buy. The change over should happen in the next couple of months, so  keep your ear to the ground ( you will soon see loads of posts - such as where has my UK tv gone) ! It would be sad to buy a big dish, pay for installation and find out that it may not work in 2014.But maybe it will still work ( unlikely, but no one really knows at the moment) and there may also be the same problem with UK Sky, so as bunterboy says, one way is by streaming over the Internet, we do this all of the time and it works well as long as you can find an internet connection with speeds of at least 2mb stable download speed, otherwise you will get the program stopping and starting as it refreshes. When choosing internet ( if you go that way) beware of the companies claims of " up to" speeds, most are a lot slower! We use Satellite broadband and it delivers 20 mbps - check out or any of the other Tooway distributors. Anyway, i would just hold fast before making any investment and see what occurs over the next two months!

UK tv in SIcily is impossible.  Either wait for iplayer to be available in Italy, or get tv online via proxy services.  Or try a sling shot box from your UK address to your Sicilian one.   In MArina di Modica you will only ever get 7Mb/s - on a dsl conneciton, and even that is doubtful certainly in the summer.