I am completing a bathroom remodel in

Michelle G Image
03/20/2019 - 10:19

I am completing a bathroom remodel in Lucca and am told it is a law that you must have a bidet in the home.  Is that true??



Its bizarre but it is tecnically obligatory to have at least one bidet in the house.   There are also rules about distance between the loo and the bidet.   The alternative it to have one of the  japanese toilets  that also act as a bidet, or if you're pushced for money you can buy a kit for about 50 euros which you attachd to your loo seat and it becomes a bidet.    whether anyone has ever been prosecuted for the heinous crime of not having a bidet remains to be seen. 

The handheld shower is called doccetta and they have a range of designs at good prices at Iperceramica who sell online as well as at a range of stores. They seem to be more popular now probably because of the immigrant population who like to wash in running water.