I believe the Trevi Fountain is

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08/09/2015 - 01:31

I believe the Trevi Fountain is still being restored. Does anyone know an estimated completion date as my wife and I are revisiting Rome in January 2016 and hope to see it reopened.ThanksMark Norman Ausrtalia 



lol,   when will something be finished in Italy.  The true answrer is when it is finished.  As with all projects in Italy the most favorable date for completion is always given.  Why?  Italians want to put their best foot forward and for them to understand when you don't meet a deadline - you look bad -- does not register with them.I was there just two days ago and it is exactly the same as it was Mid June when I went there last.Fendi, a multi billion dollar organization is paying for this restoration, the workers know this and so why should they finish ??  They might not have a job upon completion.  CIAO