I had a pellet stove installed in my

05/31/2019 - 14:57

I had a pellet stove installed in my house. Typical of Medieval villages, to access my home, I must first navigate very steep stone steps from the village, then 2 sets of stairs up to my living room. My street doesn't have cars. I am not able to carry those pellets up all those steps but one at a time. I am not so young anymore and I find this not to my liking. And It burns at one level of heat. Hot and hotter. The ash has to vacumned out twice a day. I don't know what to do with the ash. I spend my days just tending to this stove and I am not comfortably warm. I need suggestions. I was told when I bought the stove that delivery of pellets was available. Now I find, it is not. The gentleman who is managing my projects in this house has advised against air to air on each floor. He says it is too expensive. But I am spending 5 euros a bag for pellets and using about 3 bags a day, That is expensive. I want heat and convenience. I am not opposed to wearing a sweater in winter. But I dont want to freeze. I have 3 levels on my house. street level taverna,  first level living room, kitchen, and the bedrooms are on another level. Any advice? Thanks so much.Katie



Air to air is not so expensive as costs for the units have come down considerably, so you can get units for under 1000 Euros. Running cost should be less than you pay for pellets, less maintenance, more controllable, plus the advantage of cooling in the summer if needed.You may need to increase your electricity supply to 6kw, but you would have better heating control on each floor.Air to water is another option if you have radiators, but would be more expensive.My total electricity bill here for a GSHP is under 2k per year for everything and this is for 120m2HTH

HI Katie, may I ask how you have finally resolved your heating situation?

I have a house in Dogliola that is unheated other than by the big fireplace in the kitchen. I visited last February and thanks to the kindness of my neighbors I had wood for the fireplace, and I bought 2 oil-filled electric radiators for huddling next to. I need a better solution for winter visits. I am resigned to upgrading the electrical service since I can only power 2 or 3  electrical appliances at a time.

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