I have just moved across from the old site

Colin Image
05/20/2009 - 12:13

Hi everyone!I have just moved across from the old site.I live and work in Rome (San Lorenzo), and we also have a house in the country in Caprile, Roccasecca (about 20 kilometres north of Monte Cassino).Anyone live in/ near either of these locations?Colin


Hi ColinI am just trying to get to grips with this new site.I have a house in Picinisco (near Atina which is between Cassino and Sora, no doubt you know of it).  Ron and I are intending to come over to live full time but unfortunately we are slow in selling our business in the UK due to the recession.  But one day.  We take turns in coming over, in fact he is over there now - has been for three weeks and is there until the end of June.In the UK we live in Durham and right now the temperature is 10C.  It was 5.5C yesterday morning rising to a grand 8C in the afternoon.  Mind you last week it was hotter here than over there.  A first, it must be!!Well I am going to have a go at getting around this new board. It looks complicated but hopefully it will be OK once I get used to the format.Maralyn