I have a question on keeping fields/grass cut

05/15/2020 - 10:02

I have a question on keeping fields/grass cut down in order to avoid fire risk.  I know that our fields are growing very nicely right now and we have contacted someone to cut down the fields when they are able.

We want to/will keep the fields in good order anyway but my question is, is it a legal requirement to keep the fields / grass tidy and not become a fire risk?    If so does this cover only certain months ie April to September, who checks, what do we need to do?

As ever thank you :)





to my knowledge there is no legal regulation, which requires the control and prevention of fires in the fields, however there is a whole, non-mandatory regulation, which in legal jargon is called < usi e costumi agricoli >, according to which the owner of the land must take care of (the legal term used in many documents relating to real estate in Italy) < la cura del buon padre di famiglia - the care of the good father of the family> the good condition of his properties - It would be to ask an insurance company, if there is a fire insurance, of cultivated fields, but I have strong doubts that it exists - Rather, if the field you are talking about falls within the classic 5000sqm, which are located around your home, you can take out a civil liability policy, of the classic ones, which cover any damage that your property can go to neighboring people and, generally, to all those who are staying (tourist renters?) or in any case walking are on your property


Thanks Ugo, that's good to know.  We will be keeping the land in good condition and hopefully the farmer who cut the fields down last year will be OK to work again this year, lockdown permitting.  

Back in February we were making plans to go with our farmer to find and buy a small tractor/grass cutter and also dreaming of eating fruit from our fruit trees but how quickly plans change !

It depends where you live.  In the south each comune has its own rules.  In my comune in Sicily we are required to make sure our land doesnt present a fire risk from June to September.     

Regarding keeping the grass and field growth in a residential area, the answer is yes.

I assume that this land is zoned as agricultural.

Anthony Alioto