I normally travel to Italy to my

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12/24/2018 - 11:02

I normally travel to Italy to my apartments everal times per year and pay my water and electricity in advance at the post office. But due to family illness I am not able to get to Italy for a while but wish to pay the bills. Unfortunately the Italian Post Office to not issue an IBAN to allow payment to be made.I tried to open an Italian Banl account last September but they had updated their systems due to BREXIT and I needed much more information.So now unable to make the payments.Does anyone know how to obtain the IBAN  for the Italian Post office so I can make a money tyransfer.Thanks  



you can't pay bill , at post office iban - but only you can make money trasfert on your's bank account to the postoffice , almost 10 days before bill pay day ( and for this necesity the iban of YOUR POSTOFFICE BANK ACCOUNT ) ! - If the Bill payday, is expired , you has to connect to the web page of your's service provider (water, electricity, gas), ask for a copy of the invoices, and the IBAN, for payment - then send directly to each supplier, the payment of bills, by bank transfer, from your bank in uk.