I propose travelling by car to Le

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12/16/2018 - 09:33

I propose travelling by car to Le Marche region middle of March. Journey takes me through France (Colmar), Switzerland via Gotthard Tunnel and down via Bologna. Appreciate snow can fall at any time, but generally what are the driving conditions like at this time of year? 



You shouldn't have any real problems if you stick to autoroutes/main roads.  I see you go via Colmar, I'd get there on the main route [autoroute via Strasbourg] rather than 'over the top' [Nancy to Colmar.Otherwise, no probs  

I came down a few weeks ago. Belgium Germany Past Munich down to Austria and into Italy that way. Only toll i paid was when i.d had enough messing about in Italy so jumped on the toll top end of Italy. Basically free motorway all way . Bit snowy going over Austria but no trouble

We came back from Italy end October and it was snowing heavily on the motorway either side of the Gotthard tunnel. I recall seeing a sign that said winter tyres were needed from November onwards and read somewhere that you can be prosecuted if you even hold up the traffic due to being ill prepared. Despite the snow ploughs and having a 4 x 4 I found the motorway quite treacherous - best to check when the winter tyre requirement goes to.