I would like to visit Calabria, the

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01/25/2019 - 16:04

I would like to visit Calabria, the region where my family is from. I thought I'd fly to LaMezia Terme and then visit Montauro, Soverato, Gioisia and that area. Should I stay in Tropea, La Mezia, or Pizzo and drive to those towns, or go straight to the southern side of Calabria? This would be in August, a time that I know if extremely busy with Italian vacationers, as well as other European, but if I go this year, it would have to be in August. I would have about 1 week.On the other hand, I could fly to Reggio, but I know it's further to go to Montauro and the other towns.What are your opinions?Thank you, grazie.