Internet Cafe Lucca?

09/12/2009 - 04:41

This is probably a question for Gala. My friend has started her road trip of Italy, to finally arrive in Marche in 8weeks time, and will be using internet cafes to keep in touch . She arrives in Lucca tomorrow, will she find one there?. Or I wonder is there a site that pinpoints their locations that I could send to her?thanksA



Well, possibly you found it Angie, but the one that I could remember was just off Via Fillungo (the main shopping street in the old town) and near the amphitheatre). There is another one near Piazza Napoleone and the San Pietro gate. This is all in the old town which is the one I know best. Near the railway station there is also another place, I think it is on Via Nottolini. The tourist information office also has Internet for hire.