09/04/2009 - 19:40

Hi everybody - just popping in to introduce myself.My name is Jo Campelli and I live in Guernsey, Channel Islands with my husband Razz who is Australian.I was married for 37 years to Nino who was born in  Borgonovo VT (PC) we had two children Justin and Zara who are now 40 and 39 respectively.  Nino succumbed to cancer in 2001 and I had lost my soulmate!!!   I have a great love of Italy and of all things Italian and still keep closely in touch with Nino's family.   At the end of this years I shall be going to Australia to live and want to keep my contact with Italy.   Two years ago I went with my now husband and we stayed in a friend's converted monastry in Roccalberti above Pisa - it was a wonderful holiday and some of my love of Italy rubbed off on Razz and we will without a doubt be returning.....Look forward to taking a look around this very interesting Italian Community.....


Hello Jo and welcome. It is good to see that you were able to reorganise your life after your sad loss and that you have now a good husband who shares your interests. As your pen name indicates, perhaps it was your karma to go through all these experiences, good and bad.Australia is a beautiful and very interesting country. We lived there for many years and we enjoyed it very much.Best wishes regarding your future plans.

for your kind welcome Gala - yes I feel that I am doubly blessed with first one good husband who gave me a love of Italy and now at quite a ripe old age an australian husband who as you guess is also a very good man!!!   I strongly believe in Karma (hense the nick) and feel I was meant to be just where I am right now and to have gone through what I went through.. Kind regards KarmaC

Hi Valentina thank you for the welcome....we have just returned from 10 days in France - and hope to motor to Italy before the end of October.....My daughter lives in France and she is very homesick for Italy as she spent a year living there with her grandparents when she left school - so we are hoping to meet up and travel together.....I can't wait - I just love Italy in the auturmn (and  winter, spring and summer come to that)!!!!!

Hi Jo'I was devastated to learn of Nino's death, which i only picked up recently through the internet. I worked at St Margarets Lodge Hotel in season 74 -75. Nino came in as manager just after Scot Ridler left the company. We didn't really know how to take Nino at first - he was quite strict. But, we all soon realised what a fantastic guy he was and how much he knew his stuff. I worked in the main bar - made a lot of cocktails, some for you i'm sure.  After the 1975 season ended i came back to the UK. But, i never forgot Nino. Always used to mention him to friends when out and about - especially if we got bad service anywhere. "Hey my old boss Nino Campelli would not have tolerated that" This was a regular remark. That cheeky smile - i can see it now. My old boss - dear Nino.Take care Jo - all the best for the future.Anthony Mead.