Is it really necessary to have

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08/19/2017 - 05:14

Is it really necessary to have neighbours around your holiday home? I am looking into getting a holiday home which I will stay in occasionally for work as well but might also rent out a little. Since I will not be there full-time, I know that it probably makes better sense to look for a house that has neighbours and can be "watched". However, I love the idea of getting a more isolated house that has more land and privacy. Nonetheless, I have serious concerns that it will be a target for break-ins.In France, I even know people who are broken into regularly even though they actually live in the house! But they too tend to have either more isolated homes or have back entraces/windows that neighbours cannot see so easily.Do you have any recommendations based on your experiences or stories you have heard? Am I worrying for no reason? I love my privacy but would be very distraught if my house was broken into when I wasn't there.The house would be in southern Piemonte.Cheers.



Hello Konuku - I saw some of your posts here and would be interested to know more about your experience as I'm trying to do something similar... have you gone ahead with your project? Many thanks.

Sadly, it has not progressed because when I went back to the realtor, I discovered that someone else bought the house! I thought I had more time because it had to be completely renovated but apparently someone else liked similar things that I did and put an offer on it the same day they visited it. I have been annoyed ever since and I have not been able to find another house with the same requirements - character, older with some stone, vineyard view, vaulted underground/partially underground wine cellar and on the smallish side, good location within a certain area and just outside of a village. Houses with these things tend to quite large in Piedmont and much more money than I can spend. 

So I lost the house over 2 years ago and have been looking regularly ever since but nothing has come close. :(