Is it right that IMU+TARI+TASI should

traveller111 Image
06/12/2017 - 15:45

Is it right that IMU+TARI+TASI should not exceed 1.06%  (10.6‰) from the property price, where the property price = Cadastral value *100*1.05*1.6 ?

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I don't think it is as simple as that. I'm not an expert but you'll see from the website for calculating the IMU and TASI that there are hidden coefficients. I think that there is a general 5% revaluation of the valore catastale and a further 160% increase for residential properties (less for land and some other classes of property). So your combined IMU and TASI is likely to be about 1.45 (at least in my case) of the basic valore catastale.