Kiwi Fruit

05/19/2009 - 11:40

I have just planted some Kiwis. I know about male/ female plants and have planted a male between two females. I was building a support when my neighbour (the farmer from whom we bought our land) decided to help, as ever! My plan for a few poles linked together with wires for support was soon replaced by a structure which would itself support the Forth Bridge. They seem to be thriving within a few weeks but can anyone tell me how tall they will grow, how many horizontal supports work best, shoukld I top off and if so, how high and anything else you can think of. I have been warned about the smell so have planted well away from the house.Thanks



Kiwi vines "Actinidia deliciosa" can grow an average of 10' a year and can reach up to 30 metres, but they have to be pruned regularly to keep under control and to produce more fruit. You can have up to 4 female plants for 1 male, the male vine does not produce fruit, it only polinates the female ones. A 15 to 20' separation between plants is advisable. Usually, trellises are about 7' high but ask your neighbour as he certainly knows what he is doing.

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Thankyou for the assistance. By some luck my uprights are 8' high and if I add another horizantal to them my trellis will fit your suggested height of 7' with ease. You are right about Senor F, he is a great old boy and my gardening lessons are coming along much better than my Italian language ones (as I can't resist the sunshine and need to get back out there after 5 minutes of studying). 

Well I spent days scrubbng and re-scrubbing my bedroom floor as I thought a cat had gotten in during renovations and peed on it. As the smell didn't really fade I eventually realized the 'cat' was my neighbours large Kiwi tree below the bedroom window. I couldn't complain as he proudly told me he had let it grow over into my garden so I would have my very own fresh supply of Kiwi. :bigsmile: