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05/19/2009 - 08:41

Just had my account approved. Nice place, here - although not so sure about the layout but as with all things new it'll grow on us I suppose. Different to the old forum.We're coming back to Italy for our 4th visit in August! Travelling early morning cattle-class with that nice Mr Ryan into Ciampino. Heard some horror-stories about that airport - any info gratefully recieved! We think we may dump our cases in the station in Rome and spend the morning exploring, then head off after lunch.Going to be staying for 2 weeks in Lavinio just up from Anzio - in case anyone is about and fancies a chat or 2 (and a glass or 3). We're trying to work out who's more excited about visiting Rome - me or the kids! We're staying not far from the railway station - and having had good experiences of Italian rail (mostly) we're going to see if we can get away with not hiring a car. I won't get my annual "Italian Driving Experience" fix but there you go. At least if we go out I can enjoy the local wine more.Be nice to meet up with anyone who's around. We still harbour the dream of a permanent move.M&C


HI M&C. My most recent experiences at Ciampino are when the flights from Ancona get cancelled and I make a dash southwards. It's as OK as any other Ryanair lair. Don't know about transport into town from there - there will be buses but not sure about trains.You can always visit the Via Appia whilst there - although don't repeat my mistake of taking 14 yr old son and friend for a walk along it and a look round the back of one of the tombs. Favourite haunt of ladies of the night (or in this case, broad daylight) - say no more!If you find you need a hotel close to the airport let me know - I did post about it on the old forum. It's the nearest I could find and there's a half-decent restaruant a short walk away

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Thanks Annec. We're arriving around 9:30am I think (setting out at stupid-o'clock cos it's so much cheaper) and Anzio is only 45 minutes - 1 hour by train from Rome, or so we're told so we're not going to be hanging around but the Appian Way is one of the things at the top of my Must See list.

Getting from Ciampino airport to Rome centre couldn't be easier. You'll find on the Ryanair flights they come round selling Terravision tickets - coaches which go from the airport to the station. It's cheaper to buy one on the flight than at the airport. You can buy single or return. Haven't done it for a while now but the cost will be around 7 Euros or so I think (others may have more up to date costs).The coach stops outside the airport and to the left of the exit and it takes forty mins or so to get into Rome (depending on traffic). The coaches just go when they're full and run every twenty mins or so. There's a big space underneath for cases though you often have to load them on yourself.It will drop you literally a couple of mins walk from Termini train station. On the way back you just turn up at the same place and hop on the return bus.Ciampino airport is just like airports the world over. I wouldn't choose to spend time there. Check-in desks always have huge queues and the security queue is usually very long but does move very quickly. Whatever you do don't leave buying souvenirs or drink etc there because a) it's expensive and b) there's not much choice. It's a small, often cramped place that services huge numbers of flights but let's face it, at the cost of Ryanair seats it's worth putting up with a couple of hours there.Dead simple! Enjoy Rome. I'm jealous! :)Best wishesCath.