My Grandfather came from Italy and so

09/25/2019 - 05:55

My Grandfather came from Italy and so far it seems he came from Porta Borbona, are there any Cascarino families in this town/city? Grandfather migrated to England about 1902, he was born in !885, he married Miss Emiy Shackleton in 1908, and I do have the wedding certificate to proove that fact, this is all the information I have, but for my Ancestry project, I would like to get more information  


Tony (interesting full name) is that the correct town name as a quick search does not come up with "Porta Borbona", I suspect it is simply "Borbona"? Use it to do a search for the name plus the word  "comuni" and you should come up with results like this one here. Hopefully your Italian is up for it to get in touch with this local council and ask your question. They may or may not reply! Then you may have to pay a visit to talk to them on the local people.... Good luck!

Thank you very muck, I did notice from the map of Italy that it was 'Borbona' original that Porta part came from an Italian visiting Australia, If ever I can help with anything from or about Ausralia, do contact me, and thank you for your guidance in your email to me.