My husband and I are planning to move to Bologna

10/10/2020 - 11:05

My husband and I are planning to move to Bologna within the next couple of years.  We are working on a visa which requires us to have a rental agreement in place to qualify for the visa but we need the visa to get into the country.  Any ideas as to how to solve this catch-22?

Thank you!



first of all, are you EU or non-EU citizens?

more info here >

if you need , i can provide , a rent contract on yr's name -

without you entering Italy to sign the rental contract and open the bank account, necessary to prove the existence of funds to apply for residence.

If you are an English citizen, you have to hurry up though, England will leave the EU on 31 December 2020, until then you can enter Italy without a visa.

After this date, for each entry into Italy, a specific entry visa will be required

Hi Ugo,

Thank you for responding to my question.  We are US citizens, however I am working on obtaining my dual citizenship.  Until then we are going to apply for an Elective Visa.  At this time we are not looking to purchase property, but it seems you can arrange for a rental contract.  I do not yet know all of the requirements to obtain an Elective Visa and first need to know the amount of funds required for this type of visa to be approved.  Do you know how far in advance the funds need to be placed in an Italian bank account or how far in advance the rental contract needs to be obtained?  Certainly I can do this research on my own but your help would be appreciated.  Thank you again for your time.  I look forward to hearing from you.   Barbara Allen

Barbara ,

reading the link >

you can find all  replies .. 

on the page you will also find a link to send a message to me

as regards the necessary funds, these are established by the Italian consulate or embassy in the USA, of reference (on the page you will find the link to the list of offices and from this you can identify the one competent for the territory where you live).

The minimum is however 5000 euros for each person whose residence is requested, find a summary at this lik>

clearly, the biggest problem, in these times of Covid, will be arriving in Italy, to fill in, in a post office and sign (this signature cannot be delegated) in front of the employee - The residence application.

I understand that the American airline Delta has activated some flights, in derogation of the imposed block - But obviously, this particular information MUST be checked in the USA.