My sister and I would like to relocate

09/19/2019 - 21:41

My sister and I would like to relocate to Italy within the next six months.  We have regular income and two children, ages 10 and 15, both girls.  We have homeschooled them and would like to continue.  My sister is interested in opening an art space for children and adults to do classes, workshops, etc.  I am a military veteran, trained as an indigenous pastoral counselor.  My sister speaks Spanish and English and I speak some Japanese and English.  Again, we have income around $50k USD and want to be in a location that would be the most beneficial for the children and for my sister to open a shop.



Good afternoon,
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Just bought a place in Italy with my Italian partner and it is a very nice place to be and live.Italy is very different depending on the region you choose, both when it comes to climate and language...We live in a small village called Pisano of about 850 people. They mainly speak Italian and for the first time in my life I have the feeling of being the foreigner :)  Not many Italians speak other languages…However I prefer the small village as you get to know people and feel as sense of belonging.Please note that if you do not understand Italian, you will need an interpreter to guide you through the buying process. I had this as they did not accept my signature, unless I knew what I was signing.Anyway good luck with your search and for what it is worth I am near Lake Maggiore and love it. The mountains, lakes and forests makes it a bit like being back in Norway.We choose this area over Lake Garda, where my partner used to live, which is more touristic and busy. If you are trying to be in a busy and an area where other languages are easier to speak, then maybe Lake Garda region is a better choice.The market for buying a property in Italy is very depressed and some fantastic places can be had for not much. However local rules and regulations are very different to other countries, so do your homework well. Ask a lot…It is not straight forward to change properties or build without the specific local knowledge.Estate agent fees and taxes could be up to 20% in addition to purchase cost, so check it out and get the best advice you can.Freddie