new member - old resident

12/30/2009 - 10:21

Though I've lived in Italy for more than 40 years I have recently started 'farming' and living in a quite isolated place, though I also work in Florence (Regione Toscana), this site seems like a nice place to keep in touch with people, as I dont have much time to socialise any more, and also to pick up some really useful info about legal matters(especially wills etc!)- wild life conservation (a passion- I saw a Beccaccia in my field the other day) gardening etc.


Hi Joanna,  this is why the online community was created.. to let expat create a virtual (and real - when possible) community and to let people who want to travel to Italy get as more info they need before they come. Given that you live in Tuscany you may join the Northern Tuscany group. Also, you could create a new group related to your area so to group people coming from the same area...  So, good luck!

  Hi Joanna and welcome. You are very lucky to spy Woodcock in a field around Tuscany, obviously you don't have many hunters in your area. I have only seen a woodcock once here when my Lab disturbed it in the woods; alas numbers have dwindled for this delightful bird; it's weaving flight being a pleasure to watch before it once again drops to ground. As I live in a very wooded area of Tuscany a chance to see these wonderful birds is a pleasure. A bit of trivia about woodcocks is that their Pin Feathers are prized by artists to use as thin paintbrushes when painting with inks. Ciao G