Planning 1st trip to Rome and Sorrento

Susan Jo Image
08/15/2019 - 13:19

Planning 1st trip to Rome and Sorrento any suggestions in hotels, locations and how to book tours for Vatican City, Coluseeum, Amalfi and Capri tours. Plan to take rail from Rome to Naples will need to hire private driver transportation from Naples to Sorrento Hotel. Thank you in advance for your recommendations.



We took a taxi from Naples to Sorrento in April and paid 120 E. Our hotel in Naples arranged the taxi.Your Sorrento hotel may have ideas about arranging a driver for you and selecting a place to meet in the station. The Naples train station has a very busy and somewhat chaotic taxi stand, and I imagine it would not be easy to connect with a private driver there.We returned from Sorrento to Naples via ferry which was very pleasant and cost about 20E and was actually faster than a taxi. If you decide to spend time in Naples, we loved the Excelsior hotel.