A quick uodate on our new (old) Italian

07/05/2019 - 12:55

A quick update on our new (old) Italian casa.   We completed the sale around two weeks ago and are happily getting to know our Italian home.Looking back the process seems quite quick, around 10 weeks from start to finish and that included the pre-emption checks that were carried out.  Everytime we (OH and me) spoke about the house cost we spoke about the total cost ie the house sale price, the estate agent fees, the notaio fees, the taxes, the Italian to English translator we needed, the English/Italian lawyer we chose to have and so there weren't any new shocks when everything was finally paid out.  Thank you to everyone for your answers to our questions, I'm sure there will be more!   And thank you for your book Modicasa, we took advice and information from here that helped us to get everything in order and understand more about the processes involved.



Hiim new here, I’ve just literally just signed up as we are undertaking vast planning to buy a holiday home in Italy.I’m wondering how to progress to find a suitable area for us, would you have any suggestions on what processes to follow when deciding on a location? Ie, we know we like Lombardy region and possibly Abruzzo, but how do we find a town within those regions? Is it best to just fly out and mosey around or get an estate agent on board to show us? Or do internet research mostly?We have studied the most appropriate airports and a 1hr 30mins drive around those would be suitable. And we have an Italian map which we are using too. Sorry if you’re not the right person to ask, I can probably feel my way around this site and find some information out too. Thank you and enjoy your new casa! 

It was of great use and kept us on the right tracks with regard to payments and timescales and some of your examples are oft-quoted now in our house.  These include leaving the notaio's office feeling slightly mugged after paying the taxes, and the postman who would have liked to have bought land under pre-emption rights :)Thank you as well to Ugo for your help with buying and settling into Italy.