Satellite Broadband

08/03/2009 - 09:57

Hi there, does anyone have experience of using satellite broadband for their internet in Italy. Did some research about three years ago and it was rather expensive. If anyone has got it, have the prices now come down and who are they using. When we move to Italy I will be working for my English company via the internet so I wll need a reliable connection.Would appreciate your help!



ADSL is your likely solution, it seems to be all over the place and growing................last time I looked at satellites it was ' give us your bank account'!!Italy is progressing even in the sticks !  

Alice broadband supplied by Telicom Italia is now widely available even off the beaten track so check with them about a connection. But be prepared for a wait in getting it installed and also teh 7meg service they say they supply works out at less than 1 meg if you're any distance form the source.Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice. I have looked on their website and if it is possible to get ADSL it will likely only be just over a half meg. We do choose our places to live. We have only been able to get broadband in England via a communal radio wave signal for the last year. Never mind the peace and quiet in the countryside is better than the busy towns and fast broadband.Perhaps by the time we are ready to move to Italy ADSL will be available!