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06/03/2009 - 12:14

Have already checked the previous forum for threads , so does anyone have experiance of seeing/helping/installing/paying for a septic tank? how much space does it  take up including soakaway? what approx costs were involved? we were quoted €8000 a couple of years ago! which seemed a lot even at the height of the boom  just for digging 1 deep hole and a couple of gravel filled trenches , no doubt there is more to it than that , anyway thanks for any info , cheers Geoff .



i though now a days septic tanks were almost sealed units which biologically munch whatever ends up in them with ..the tanks basically double chambers in a plastic form which you can go and see in any building yard... and the soak away area was for almost clean liquid and quite smallhowever i do know the euro 8000 is somewhat over priced for that sort of system put it mildly and you might like to look at this site gives not only prices for the various units but how many people they are suitable for.. and i would suggest that if you have a drainage system already in place to an existing waste disposal that the actual cost of installation would be approx 250 euro for a digger driver and machine for half a day or so... and 100 euro for the gravel for any soak-away... and about the same for any pipework.. the digger driver or you can most probably slot the pipes in..however is is slightly more complicated the first page of the site gives you various cheaper types of tanks...  but the link below takes you to a further page which gives you the tanks which comply with all new regs and munch and crunch the waste more efficiently price seems to start at the 3000 euro mark...rural properties with plenty of their own surrounding land i would have thought could easily use the first page option... the second page option would be if not compulsory a good idea for those with smaller areas surrounding their property or specific problems say with nearby streams which you would have to be careful of polluting... anyway prices and sizes are there .. and if you add a very max 1000 euro for labour... unless you are on solid rock and require dynamite...  you should arrive to my mind at an installation costing max 3,500 - 4000 and the more simpler systems around 1500 - 2000  

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I seem to remember we paid 3000 euros for an Imhoff.  This was part of a much larger building project rather than a one-off.We have four double bedroomed property with plenty of land so no problem with drain off.

We have just had an Imhoff and a large pozza perdente fitted in our house.  This involved 2 very large holes, one 4 metres deep by 3 metres square.  Including decommissioning the old system and new grease traps for the white water total cost was less than 3000 euro.