Some questions about car tax in italy.

Joe Image
08/15/2016 - 08:30

Some questions about car tax in italy. I have 2 issues. 1. Can car tax be calculated by month when no longer own the car: and 2. How to delete a car permanently if it was not sold but given away?1. A car which I exported from italy to Germany at the end of september 2013. A long story short - the Italians did not believe the German Authorities and one year aferr import reqested more documents from me (luckily I could still locate the new owner and get a copy of the papers in her name) and or threatened to charge me tax for 2014 as well. I supplied everything and now they still want tax for 2014 arguing that the tax was due from september 2013 and as the car was first on German plates from October 2013 (one month) they demand an entire year - around 600 euros! How could this make sense? if I had sold the car to someone in Italy then they would get double tax for the year of 2013  - That cannot be correct. Every otherr country I know calculates by the day if one no longer owns the car or deregisters it. Is there any law regarding this?2. We had a second car which was no longer inn use as of 2011. It was no longer driven and was kept on private property. I since have given the car away to my removalist man who lives in Germany or Poland. Now, after all of these years they are demanding tax for the years 2013 and 2014. Is there any way to have a vehicle permanently deleted from their system? I cannot pay these taxes forever on cars I do not even own. Another aspect, I just discovered that I qualify for tax exemption due to my disability - but expect it would be too complicated to make this retrospectively. How can one delete a car which was not sold but given away? Thanks for any answers. 


thanks for your reply. In all countries it is per year - BUT if you sell the car then surely the tax transfers to the new owner otherwise they would be getting 2 times same tax for one vehicle. I cannot imagine that Italians would have tolerated this all of these years.