Suggestions for Florence trip?

01/15/2013 - 19:10

Planning a week in Florence in May. Any suggestions (other than the obvious) as to where to go, see, eat etc?


We love wandering around Santo Spirito (on the other side of the river) where there are lots of artisan's botteghe (workshops). I remember going into one where a guy was carving the most beautiful, intricate wooden frames whilst listening to his opera loudly. We were chatting to him and he led us out the back of his workshop where he had a beautiful garden, picked a camelia and put it behind my ear. It was one of those amazing Italian moments. I also recommend getting out of the city, up to Bellosguardo for the most amazing views of the Florentine rooftops. If you're feeling cheeky make some excuse to get a look round Hotel Torre del Bellosguardo We had our honeymoon there and it is amazing. Galileo used to observe the stars from the tower and the views over Florence are stunning.

There are 77 state musems in Florence - so its a pick and choose thing.  The one I would never miss (apart from the obvious) is La Specola - a museum below Palazzo Pitti which has the most incredible collection of wax bodies in various anatomical states.  And full of primitive taxidermy - its fab. 

if it's a special occasion (birthday anniversary etc) and you'd like to be treated to something special (and it is) it's not cheap ( actually it's expensive) but it's probably one of the best restaurants not in florence but in the world! enoteca pinnichiori look it up on the net,you may be lucky to get a table in's not just some meal it does for your body what the uffizi does for your head...and it's an art form too..don't get brow beaten into all that cheap cheap talk (vis a vis eating places) you get what you pay for.have a nice trip.

Spend a whole morning or afternoon visiting the Palazzo Vecchio. Go for lunch to Trattoria Bordino, near the Ponte Vecchio A beautiful old trattoria full of character with the nicest and cheapest (7€) menu of the day in Florence that changes every day. Their Florentine steak, although a bit more expensive, is excellent. And do not forget to visit the Ospedale degli Innocenti, which marks the transition between the Gothic and Renaissance styles.

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The complex known as San Marco,_Florence is one of my favourite Florence places. Beautiful frescos by Fra Angelico are what draw me, (but watch out for hordes of large Americans crushing into Savonarola's small cell). Some quite important art in the museum here too. It gets 5 stars on trip advisor - probably all the US visitors!

After all the hype and "you simply must do Florence dahling" I have to say I've been singularly unimpressed by the place. I guess there's only so much religious artifact one's system can absorb before resistance sets in. The Uffizi is the acme of tedium, a museum, not a gallery, just room after room of dreary religious paintings ad nauseam (the odd Titian excepted). To me the city doesn't feel natural - it's as if Disney had something to do with it. And parking is a nightmare. There, I've said it - I feel better already smiley. TK

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Ugo's link led me to an interactive map which I was able to click on to show all the best bits of whichever region you chose to click on. Which I thought was pretty good in context with the OP's post, so thanks to Ugo. Now maybe because I'm not into the crap that goes on behind the fake names and mutiple personae of this site, but I found it really useful, as I guess most visitors here would do as well. And because I don't know, and am not interested, in what Ugo (or anyone else here) does for a living, I fail to see why an otherwise informative thread should lapse into childish back-biting between the "regulars". OK, call me old-fashioned, but.............  

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Just a sec SirTK - you dissed (I believe this is a term used by youngsters) Florence. I have an impulse to agree with you, although concerning your particular objections: of course the Uffizzi is a wonderful study collection, rather than a prettified up museum for plebs with all the modern interactive stuff. It is the fault of the tour operators that they fill this austere dry uncollated collection with uninterested 'tick it off' visitors, who just get in the way of serious afficionados. And parking is a nightmare, and tripadvisor doesn't alert you to the park and ride schemes, and don't seem to have understood trains. And I much prefer the cut and thrust of Rome traffic to those Florentine traffic lights which one appears to be expected to understand and anticipate, and the Florence scooteristi who have a death wish, and that the powers that be have closed off the best bits of the duomo, and that there is more than one McDonalds, and Florence can look globalised (maybe they are aiming at that) - but: in November or Feb it's quite quiet - if meandering undisturbed looking at top notch renaissance palazzi is your passion. I'm damning with faint praise, I know, and I can't imagine wanting to spend more than a day in central Florence - but then I spend many (non-consecutive) days there on a 'needs must' basis, and if I wanted to make it a holiday destination I'd have my own car, stay in Fiesole in a hotel with parking, do alternate days taking in the art and driving out into the Tuscan countryside. Just my point of view! 

I also agree with Fillide; however, we should remember that Florence is the city with the highest concentration of art in the world and this is expected to create enormous problems, particularly keeping in mind that it is an old city, totally unprepared to cope with a large influx of people. On the other hand, I don't think that things are that bad. I frequently go to Florence from our home in Bagni di Lucca, where we stay at least twice or three times during the year. We generally drive, parking at Santa Maria Novella and yes, it is expensive, but we consider it a treat, having the possibility of parking right downtown. We could either take a bus, or a train, but we travel with our elderly dog (17 years old!) and it is more convenient this way. Forence scooterists should be called kamikazes, but by now we are used to them and have managed quite well not to run over anyone. I think that some of the tourists may be really annoying and make you wonder why they are visiting that magnificent city when they seem to be totally ignorant and unattached to all the surrounding beauty, but then...not everyone has had the benefits of a good education and, being an optimist, I think that the visit will alwayys do them some good. And then, as Fillide rightly says, there are times of the year when there are less tourists of the annoying kind and there are plenty of lovely places to see and discover... or revisit.

   'do not you tink perhaps, that every time you express an opinion , you make a self pubblicity to you and the things you believe in  ?' There we are. Oh and please don't refer to me in the masculine.

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Gala - absolutely no one is arguing or quarrelling!  (Although I admit that can change at any moment!) If you consider the topic now closed, please feel free to not comment further in the thread - just move on to another topic/thread and allow others to do what they want without fear of you wagging a disapproving finger in their direction.

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