Summer Holiday Jobs

05/26/2009 - 09:01

I own a house near Tolentino, with around 10 acres of land.  We normally manage to spend just the summers there, and whilst my local Italian neighbour farms the lands and keeps it tidy - we always seem to have a ton of general maintenance to do for the first month after we arrive. I know of a couple of other English owners who are in exactly the same position as me.   When I was a young student I would have loved a summer job - board and lodging provided and a bit of spending money, and would have been prepared to do anything to spend a month (or longer !) in the sun.  I wonder if other houseowners think it would be a good idea to have a topic where we could post summer jobs for students to help us out - especially if the student was the son/daughter of another local houseowner.What do you think.   



That's an excellent idea,  Perhaps a new Group could be set up by you for small adverts not just for student help but other things  too.  We had this on the old Forum  

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The group could be a good idea, but posts would be seen only by members of that group. Unless you specify - in each post -  to go public. Another idea could be creating new posts and adding the tag "job offers". This way they will go automatically public, which I think would be more useful in this case.

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As I am new to this community I still need to figure out how it works.  Apparently I don't have the authority to set up a group (yet). I am off to Italy tomorrow, so will be out of touch until the weekend when I will pick this back up and try and make it a workable solution.  

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Our son will be doing exactly this for 2 1/2 weeks this summer, staying with Italian friends who own an agriturismo in southern Marche.  We'll help spread the word as well.  How about including adults in addition to kids?  I would definitely be interested!

our son is currently in Florence, having set up a little going concern for the summer and my daughter is off to help him but would have loved the opportunity of doing something more fixed in return for proper accommodation (not hostels etc). Brilliant idea

I found this link when searching for jobs in Italy, I have just completed uni and am planning a few months in italy working before travelling to america and australia. This would be perfect for me and my boyfriend, we have a few stops where we can stay with family friends but the opportunity to combine accomodation with work would be excellent.Please feel free to private message me if you would like more details i.e. C.V.Helen