Is there an Italian "top-up" pension equivalent to pension credit?

05/06/2012 - 17:52

As there is such a wealth of knowledge in the Community I wonder if anyone has any advice/ suggested links about this query which I am posting for a friend who lives in Italy and is now an Italian resident. She is retired and receives a very small UK state pension. If she were resident in the UK still it is probably likely she would qualify for pension credit. Is there an Italian equivalent "top-up" pension to which she might be entitled? Any advice would be gratefully received.


As I got no replies to my post last week I did some digging and am posting this in case anyone else needs this information.  There is a benefit called Integrazione al trattamento minimo which is paid to make the income (or pension) up to the minimum limit set by the Italian State.  The minimum amount is set yearly and it also takes account of the income of a spouse.  It seems possible that it is payable to Italian residents from other EU countries who meet certain conditions.  I spoke to our local INCA CGIL office here in London (who are always really helpful) and they suggested that the best thing to do is to contact an Italian office of INCA CGIL (preferably the provincial office rather than one of the more local offices), take all the paperwork/documents to them and they would advise and deal with any application.