Transporting UK to Marche

07/08/2010 - 11:16

Hi folks, We've recently bought a property near Fano, and will be using it as a holiday home for a little while before we perhaps move out there completely. So currently we are bringing things from the uk that will fit in suitcases - weighing not much, and not costing a fortune! Is there anyone travelling via car/truck from the uk to Marche with some space they could bring a couple of boxes please ??   Of course I wouldnt expect this to be free !! Thanks Alan



Please could you email us on with the following details: (1) Number and sizes of boxes (2) Colection and delivery addresses I'm having problems with the "messages" site on the forum. Thanks, Alan H, for thinking of us. And thanks again to our repeat cutomers. Philip R, glad you're happy with the gate. Thanks for the free red wine which we'll be downing watching the worlcup finals (shame we're out!). See you next week, Lona, for your stuff. Andrew J, we'll see you tomorrow to deliver your rugby shields. Cheers guys... Joy

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Cheers Joy; It's a date! I'll be there at the appointed time and will be wearing a red rose. Many thanks for the excellent service; to be recommended folks! Andrew

Quick stop press update. We have to go to the UK at the end of the week, to get a load of flooring and tiles. Therefore, there is an empty van going North and a van with some room for a little freight going south, imminently. I will update on the website etc the names of the excellent companies we have dealt with regarding tiles etc, as they have been most helpful with the 'phone calls from Italy' thing. Arriverderci...

Re the comment in the previous post about decking - as we don't get to our house at San Ginesio as often as we'd like each visit tends to commence with a day or two of digging out the new weeds from our 6m x 4m "garden". We thought that putting decking in could be an answer so started looking in the DIYs on our last visit, but there seems to be a distinct lack of the sort of stuff we can get everywhere in the UK. Does anyone know of any place that stocks decking? Or will I have to sort out a road trip from the local B&Q.  

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It's worth trying a local wood place, but make sure they understand you need pressure treated (tannalised) decking. Tis worth trying Big Mat and Obi (Ancona for the latter). Brico is useless for such North European affectations.

One thing we've found is that materials are exceptionally expensive over here. This is a tragedy for everyone except me obviously, as I've ended up bringing quite a bit of building stuff over from the UK for a variety of clients, as well as machine tools from machine mart and stuff from Screwfix. Even France is a cheaper source. To perspectivise it, some friends recently used me to bring 220 sq metres of tiles and oak floorboards over from the UK. Despite the transport cost involved they saved over £4k and got better quality kit than available here. The experience was similar with bathroom suites and wall tiles.

My segue into construction in Essex used beautiful hardwood decking from the following source, which we'd thoroughly recommend:

They do softwood as well, but might be worth going the extra mile (50% more cost if you use invisible fixings, which creates an amazing look. Can send you a pic of my - if I say it myself - stunning creation to demonstrate this). Hardwood will better resist the dreaded boring insects which are so at home in timber constructions hereabouts. The US-standard stuff is thus, as over there termites etc are a frequent issue.