We are a South African family looking

01/02/2017 - 09:46

We are a South African family looking to purchase our dream family home in your wonderful country possibly close to Florence . We come from a country where crime is horrific and we live behind high walls with security gaurds and guns .How has Italian life changed with the migrant crises or is it only a few areas affected.



Hi Jeanine,We are ex South Africans who bought a house in the mountains -2006 - have retired here. Had lived in UK since 1992. We moved here because the area is very similar to the Drakensberg area of Underberg. Crime here is minimal - however more and more migrants arriving - but on the whole very well behaved so far. But we are a small mountain community not a big city. Keep in contact if you would like to  - our email address is; royandshirley@casamarchi.co.uk, there is another South African family here as well.RegardsShirley& Roy