We have bought a house in Tuscany, rented an apartment

10/09/2020 - 13:22

We have bought a house in Tuscany, rented an apartment to move into while we work on the house, and will be driving over at the beginning of November with our dogs to start our new life.  We have booked Covid tests so that we can arrive with our negative test paperwork, as the new legislation demands.  However, we aren't sure what we have to do when we arrive at our destination - do we have to report to the local town hall/carabinieri does anyone know?  

Any information gratefully received!



No.  If you arrive with a negative test, then you avoid the test in the airport and carry on as normal.   You should download the app 'immuni' which is an anonymous track and trace.   Masks must be worn at all times outside and inside (except at home or in the car), unless you are doing 'strenuous excercise' or are alone in a field.  

So driving in means we won't be checked at all?  Seems a bit of a loophole!!  We're all booked for Covid tests before we leave anyway but I'm sure some unscrupulous people wouldn't bother!

Do you know if we have to get another test in France as we're driving through it?  Sorry for so many questions and thanks for your help.

Cant say for France, but on other forums, if youdrive striaght through France you are exempt from the rules.  If you overnight in France, then it changes.