WHO - Mild autism - Formerly known as Aspergers to be renamed in 2013

07/24/2012 - 02:42

Are people with Mild Autism worth employing?From my own experience on here - this forum - it is clear that the general public have little time for people with autism. Esme to clarify, as he seems party to the way people think on here.I can only speak for myself, but I have held down a job under quite stressful times - who else in here has worked in a steel mill, I have maintained pretty steady technical employment throughout. There have been blips but I am a fighter.My main downfall - is that I dont understand people, I dont know how to handle them socially - which the general populace seems to rely on fully. Especially for everyday morale.I see humour as quite literal. I work and live well with engineers (men). Women are too emotional for me. I get on best with Chinese women as they are technically adept. (I have lived with 3 Chinese women and a Chinese man at a point in my life)One thing I have done off my own back - is buy a house in Italy - I am in a large thriving village, close to a town with much commercialism. It serves me well. Although I have never let the property out, I have visited there with many friends. And alone a lot of times too.The one thing that shines out - is the friendliness of the Italian people - from all walks of life. I have been quite open with the people there - and I think they respect that. Not a British person with a holiday home that keeps their guard up. I think honesty is respectful. So I rest my case with the people on this forum - are people with Autism - worth it.



Get over yourself. Why do you mention me in almose every post you place on this forum?  We go back many years Glen, way back to the good old Aliena days - but I'm not "party to the way people think on here".  I have no idea how the majority of people think on here most of the time - nor do I have any control over anyone elses thoughts. What I do know is that no-one even bothers to respond to you - except me - and that could be for a number of reasons, including not knowing how or caring enough to do so. The reason you are "respected for honesty" in Italy is that Italians are far more openly "exposed" to others with mental health issues.  Italians do not hide away their "innocenti" - they accept all health issues as just another faceted part of life and have always done so.  Someone with any "illness" living and working within their community is just part of the normal vita quotidiana for Italians. So, to answer your question "are people with Autism - worth it?".  Yes, of course people with Autism are worth it - until they totally piss you off for reasons unconnected to their illness.

If a thread can actually be "owned" then this is Glens thread Qui Qua - so better to openly accept him posting here and show him the good grace he sometimes forgets rather than chastising for water under the bridge elsewhere.  No?

Yes, I know what you meant and the reason he posted it there is plainly obvious - Glen has Aspergers and has difficulty/a different way of relating/connecting to/with certain things. Even though he is a pain in the ass and can turn on a sixpence sometimes, overall he is a good guy and has a great deal to offer.  Let him be.

Of course people with autism  are "worth it", if you mean are they to be given equal respect on a forum like this? the people in your village accept you because they are Italian and it is an inclusive culture, where it is considered stupid to behave badly to people who may be less fortunate than yourself. This forum is another cause, here are the British, so quick to judge and so intolerant of anything which does not conform to their narrow way of thinking. The British have a class system and if you fit no box, you are foreign or mentally ill.

This thread was started when I was under significant work pressures. But it's all dissipated now, it's funny how stress get's you down. Life is good again, and I am on the mend. I have funding for diagnosis, so the coast look's clear. I like established things and this forum alway's provided that when I was going through it. So sorry I reacted to another thread but that happens all the time - and we turn a blind eye to it - unless it really takes over the thread - and that's when the moderators kick in. Thank's Esme (and Rickardo) - for your insight into Italian peoples mentallity, I just knew through experience I wasn't a problem, whereas in the UK  - I was, but the thing is in England thing's seem to be getting better all the time. We seem to be learning about people all the time and that's a good thing. Anyway off to Italy next weekend for a week or so, looking forward to it, I love italy.

Glad things are now feeling more positive for you SA.  I find it a shame that there are folks out there who still think Autism is an 'illness'.  Being Autistic means you're different, you see the world in a different way but it certainly isn't an illness.  Unfortunately for people like SA, being different causes much stress in an attempt to fit into a difficult world.  But hey, enough of that......   Have a great time in Italy.