'Cocktail' is a semi-rigid bag, handmade by giving a second life to the tissues of the sails at the end of their navigation. The fabrics of the sails are decorated in soft gray Alcantara and metal studs. The closure is made of two magnets placed in the inner sides of the handles. The interior of the bag is lined with soft cotton-weight. It has a comfortable pocket with zip under which it is attached a hook for keys to have them always at hand. A stylish metal shoulder strap with soft padded Alcantara will help you feel more free, and hide inside the bag when it is unused. Availability time: 7 days. Designed and handcrafted in Italy by Stileclettico. - Stileclettico - Fashion - Purses - Cloth - Reputeka

This product is givenuaranteed "Made in Italy"
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