Color: turquoise, blue, copper
Weight: 670 grams
The fruit bowl Ocean originates from the surfaces of the crystal clear waters of the sea, until it reaches the blue depths!
Raku ceramic in the form of a basket. Handmade in Italy. It is glazed internally.
The artisan signature is engraved on it.
The wood handle and the small kindling found in my creations come from the sea and are collected on the beach. The steady handle is carefully attached to the basket.
Small felt pads have been applied to the bottom of the item to avoid surface scratches.
Possible slight imperfections or flaws are to be considered intrinsic features of the product, expression of its unique and artisanal nature. Each Raku creation is unique and unrepeatable. - Ellis - Homedesign - Kitchen - Ceramic - Reputeka

This product is guaranteed "Made in Italy"
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