Giclée 'Sunshine'

Authentic giclée reproduction produced in a numbered series through a unique technique. Each processing stage took place in Italy by skilled artisans.
The original work of art or the artistic reinterpretation of a copy of author, painted by hand by Master of Art, was created exclusively by Mariani Affreschi.
This reproduction is accurate to the original into design and color, and was carried out in compliance with the rules on copyright, patents, labor laws and environmental protection. The work is accompanied by certificate of guarantee and authenticity.
Size: 80x80 cm.
The work can be hung on the wall with facility. It does not require any special maintenance over time, and it is sufficient an occasional cleaning of the surface with a damp cloth. - ArteMariani - Art - Paintings - Canvas - Reputeka

This product is givenuaranteed "Made in Italy"
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