The handmade glass cups are made one by one in my laboratory of Bolzano LaRa vetro. The shot made in Pyrex (then heat-resistant) is made by flame, specifically wrong to differentiate it from other products because of its originality. The saucer instead is thermoformed and decorated in glass fusing.
A cup and saucer weighs ca. 150-200 grams.
It is a 100% Italian handmade, unobtainable elsewhere.
The cups are pretty as a decor optional, beautiful and comfortable to use. Ideal as a gift, you can customize with the engraving of a name on request. The cups are sold in pairs.
The available colors: red, orange, green, brown, turchese, blue with white cream dots, or white cream with dots of various colors (listed above). - La.Ra. Vetro - Homedesign - Decor optionals - Glass - Reputeka - La.Ra. Vetro - Homedesign - Kitchen - Glass - Reputeka

This product is givenuaranteed "Made in Italy"
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